"Nature doesn’t forget anything" – this also applies

to a cowhide.

Every leather expert is aware of this fact on the basis of years of experience.

But not all leather experts deal with this knowledge in the same way.


Unfortunately the majority of the leather industry tries everything to remove the memory off the hide and makes all the remembrances forgotten. They rigorously do this for decades regardless of the consequences. At the same time the consumers have been told that this kind of leather is ‘normal’. The result of this development is a wide distribution of unified leather surfaces without an individual character. A brochure like this is needed to explain what pure, natural leather really is and looks like.

Unblemished surface?

Natural feature or defect?

Our recommendation

Natural features

We have written down the following because from our point of view these minor characteristics on each leather hide have too much pride to be covered or made to disappear. These are marks that nature has put onto the hide. Natural features so to speak.