Ecopell has written down the following because from our point of view these little characteristics on each leather hide have too much pride to be covered or make them disappear. These are marks that nature has put onto the hide. Natural features so to speak.


Because of this ecopell manufactures leather that shows its characteristics. It is leather that turns every product made out of it into an odd piece of character. In addition to this aesthetic view there are also some tangible arguments.The substances that are used to cover the natural features are plastics that demonstrably pollute the environment, damage the human health and worsen the characteristics of the leather.


Let this brochure take you on a little excurse about the natural features of leather. We are pleased to lead you as crucial consumers to a more astute view when looking at the surface of leather next time.


  • What are natural features?
  • What do they look like and where do they come from?
  • What is their impact on the quality of leather?
  • What are the methods natural features are covered on
    leather and what are the consequences?


With this information you will be well equipped to make a good choice when buying leather next time.


We wish you an insightful lecture.


Your ecopell team


Natural features occur everywhere in nature