Natural feature or defect?

Natural features are often equated with defects in leather. Ecopell draws the line at a point where the serviceability of the leather, or of the product employing leather, is objectively affected. This means that if leather goods or furniture show holes or open scratches, it represents a product defect.


Natural features do not reduce the functional quality of the product. The integral strength providing long performance is not compromised. Leather is a natural product. Rawhides naturally display larger or smaller irregularities that are due to the life circumstances of the animals, as well as the caution and skill employed during the first processing steps. According to the quantity and intensity of the characteristics and defects. The hides are divided into ‘assortments’ that determine their price.


It’s then up to the skills of the leather specialists to remove or mitigate the defective features when cutting and incorporating the leather. How and where the natural features are found in the finished leather products are therefore also due to the competence and aesthetic practice of the manufacturer.

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